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Get prepared before Open Day by building your own experience with our itinerary builder. Add presentations, campus tours and activities that interest you most at each Open Day event. This is the perfect way to select what you may like to attend ahead of time. There are both self-guided and guided tours available. If you are interested in a guided tour, head to the concierge desk to book your spot when you arrive on the day.

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  • Careers in Arts Presentation arrow-small-up arrow-small-down Add Remove
    4:15PM, B1-55, B Building, Magill Campus

    Get ready to embark on an epic journey with a Bachelor of Arts degree! Learn about the career paths and how you'll unlock a world of endless opportunities tailored to your interests, whether you're passionate about storytelling, languages, law, or psychology. From writing your own masterpiece to decoding ancient cultures, this is your chance to turn your wildest dreams into reality!

    *Includes Aboriginal Studies, Applied Linguistics, Creative Writing and Literature, Criminolgy and Criminal Justice, Cultural Studies History and Global Politics, Languages (French/Italian/Japanese), Law, Policy and Politics, Psychology and Sociology.

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  • Careers in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Presentation arrow-small-up arrow-small-down Add Remove
    5:15PM, H1-44, Amy Wheaton Building, Magill Campus

    Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience! Ever wondered what makes people tick or how the brain works? You'll uncover the mysteries of the mind and unlock the secrets behind human behaviour. Explore our wide range of psychology degrees and the career paths they can take you – from health and human sectors to research organisations and government, the options are many and varied! From studying the science of happiness to unravelling the complexities of memory, this is your chance to become a real-life detective of the brain! Dive in and explore the amazing world between our ears together! 

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Study Area:

Presentations and activities








Presentations are a unique opportunity to hear from industry, graduates and current students about a range of degrees across the education, humanities and creative industries. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain an understanding of the pathways to admission, discover university life, learn how to build your study program and what to expect in your first year.

Check out our full presentation schedule and plan your personalised experience using our online itinerary builder.


  Campus tours

Take a guided tour to discover our inspiring creative spaces including TV and radio studios, Samsung SMARTSchool, Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory.

  Information booths

Keen to find out more about study and career options in the education, humanities or creative industries, get application support and discover all the opportunities you can access at UniSA? Head along to our information booths.

  • Application Support Centre
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  • International Student Services
  • Scholarships
  • UniSA College
  • UniSA Online
  • Adelaide University, opening in 2026


Sit back and relax with some popcorn while watching a series of short films made by our seriously talented students! Stop by the Hartley Playhouse Theatre (D1-09) from 5pm to see our rising stars in action.